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Things Can Only Get Better – and they did! self.same + Howard Jones!

The show is sold out (thank you!), but I wanted to write up a little note to let you all know how excited I am to be sharing the stage with my idol and synth hero: Howard Jones, Wednesday May 13 at Harlow’s Nightclub in Sacramento!

I am child of the 80’s. I graduated Eoron Moon High in 1988.

In 1985, I was lucky enough to see HoJo perform on your planet at UC Davis  – and that show changed my life. I bought my first Yamaha KX-5 keytar immediately after, and @Keytar_Tony was born! Since then, I’ve seen Howard perform a zillion times, and later in my career, when I worked in the record industry, I met Howard’s manager: David Stopps, then shortly after, I met Howard, and my backstage meet and greets continued up through last year. Howard borrowed my digital piano a few years back for an acoustic show, and we had a chance to finally chat. He is so calm and collected – a genuine Buddhist. A great human.

> My HoJo enriched life has been filled with lots of synthpop fun! I’ve seen Howard Jones perform almost every single year since 1985!

Howard’s recent producer, bandmate, and right-hand man: Robbie Bronnimann, is producing self.same’s EP, including our Progressive House single ‘Fragments.’ Robbie and I have worked together for the last two years building a project that is finally hitting the airwaves and making people dance! When Howard’s latest tour was announced, my buddy John Carlson, who does sound at Harlows, asked if I wanted to open the show, and of course, self.same jumped at the opportunity!

We’ve come full circle. It is crazy! I wish I could go back in time and tell that scrappy 15 year-old keytard with the long bleached bangs, and z cavaricci pants, that someday I will be sharing the same stage and audience as HoJo. I’d high-five myself, and then say: “and, do you feel scared??” 

I don’t! And,  Things Did Get Better! I hope some of you are lucky ticket holders, because this is going to be a show to remember! Please come back in a couple of days – I’ll be posting pictures.