Information Society & Book of Love

I’ve always loved the band ‘Information Society.’ An early influencer of mine, I wore out their records and tapes in the late 80’s, and they continue to have high rotation on my iPhone and home collection. I never understood ‘Book of Love’ until recently. I remember their music from compilations, but as they were famous in the club scene during the 80’s, and I was a kid, I didn’t get into their music until much later in life.
My band ‘self.same’ is performing with these two bands January 31 2015. It is our first show of the new year, and what a way to kick it off! This is our second live show (as self.same), and I am excited that we have received such great response out the gate.
If you are in Northern California, please try to come see us, and two influential synth-pop bands that will blow your mind!
-keytar tony
Here’s the link:

PS – this is our new logo:
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