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Kaleidosphere VIP Spotify Playlist

I wanted to put together a #Spotify playlist that featured all of my label mates at Kaleidosphere Recordings.

ENJOY the Music!

Oddly, sometimes you have to ‘refresh’ your page for the widget to show. Ad blocker will also block it.
> If you don’t see the widget, please click on the ‘Kaleidosphere VIP Playlist’ URI below and enjoy directly on the Spotify app (if you are logged in / app already open on desktop).
Kaleidosphere VIP Playlist

Please share this playlist with other earthlings – Thank you!
– Keytar_Tony

Summer with self.same

It is almost July, and self.same is spending our 2nd summer on your planet – we must say that it is very HOT in California! Thank goodness we don’t need to wear our silver spacesuits and helmets. Unlike other visitors, we don’t care if you see our true faces. (we hope you don’t mind either!)

self.same partnered with dance record label Kaleidosphere Recordings to release our Progressive House track ‘FRAGMENTS’ featuring Shaz Sparks on vocals. The video is back up on YouTube, and will be promoting it throughout the summer. ALL three mixes of FRAGMENTS are available on all of your favorite music services including Beatport.

Have you seen the animated music video yet??


Here’s the link to Beatport: self.same FRAGMENTS

> Watch for upcoming remixes this Summer, and many more live appearances.

And lastly: Here’s a picture of KeytarTony in pure synthesizer bliss during our concert opening for synth-icon Howard Jones. 

KeytarTony playing the KorgMS2000B, opening for Howard Jones at Harlow's Nightclub Sacramento.

KeytarTony playing the KorgMS2000B, opening for Howard Jones at Harlow’s Nightclub Sacramento.

Have fun and stay safe!!

Fragments Video

We will be making a major announcement next week, part of which self.same will be re-launching ‘Fragments (featuring Shaz Sparks)!

Right now – this website is the only place you can watch the animated music video. Exclusive to the lovely small group of you who visit us! (soon to be big group??!!)

> Sign up on the mailing list, or follow via twitter / Facebook to get the top info. Meanwhile, please enjoy the video:

This is the animated music video for electronic artist self.same’s single ‘Fragments’ featuring the amazing Shaz Sparks on vocals. This dazzling video introduces us to the pink haired ‘Keytara’, self.same‘s neoteric protagonist.

Music produced by Robbie Bronnimann
Video created, animated, and directed by: Laura Mccullagh


Our first show of 2015, and we are playing with Information Society!!

We’re counting down to our big gig with Information Society and Book of Love!
> This Saturday, Jan 31 – please join self.same as we ‘warm the speakers’ for the two Iconic synth bands.
Where: Thunder Valley Casino, Lincoln CA
Time: Doors open at 6:30p.
Tickets at Ticketmaster. I’m told the show is almost sold out!

I’ll be posting photos from the gig on my Instagram page, so make sure you click the button below and join the fun.

See you Saturday!


Information Society & Book of Love

I’ve always loved the band ‘Information Society.’ An early influencer of mine, I wore out their records and tapes in the late 80’s, and they continue to have high rotation on my iPhone and home collection. I never understood ‘Book of Love’ until recently. I remember their music from compilations, but as they were famous in the club scene during the 80’s, and I was a kid, I didn’t get into their music until much later in life.
My band ‘self.same’ is performing with these two bands January 31 2015. It is our first show of the new year, and what a way to kick it off! This is our second live show (as self.same), and I am excited that we have received such great response out the gate.
If you are in Northern California, please try to come see us, and two influential synth-pop bands that will blow your mind!
-keytar tony
Here’s the link:

PS – this is our new logo:
Screen Shot 2014-12-30 at 8.50.07 PM

building that BIG website

Using WordPress as the main catch-all for TEN69 and selfsame. I am building two different websites for each, but as the sole-dude doing it all, it will be awhile before I release the big pretty stuff.

In the meantime, please watch our awesome animated video here:

BEATPORT has our high-rez tracks:

We put all of our singles on Soundcloud before we release them to the e-tailers:


Screen captures from upcoming Fragments video!

Laura MC is hard at work creating the animated video for our song ‘Fragments.’ The premiere will be early September. I’ll post official links here and on twitter.

Here are some teaser screen shots to give you the vibe of the project:

a quick gif from the forthcoming Fragments video.

a quick gif from the forthcoming Fragments video.

Luckily. we included a character that looks like me in the video!

Luckily. we included a character that looks like me in the video!

Fragments screen captures

the dance floor is breaking into Fragments!

Breaking Dance Floor

the dance floor is going nuts!

animals 1

are those masks? Can there really be a person with an owl & tiger head? I swear I laid off the Ketamine!!

Fragments Wolf

who knew a progressive house track would have so much going on!!??!!



The Fragments Protagonist [music video]

I recently hired a lovely animator from South Africa to create the music video for our first single ‘Fragments.’  Laura McCullagh has a great book of work. Check out her animations here:

The video will be finished end of June, however – I wanted to share with you the star protagonist of the video. We haven’t named her yet. (someone suggested ‘Keytara’ which is brilliant!)

the protagonist of our upcoming music video.

the protagonist of our upcoming music video.

Stay tuned for the official release of ‘Fragments: Journey into the Mind’

old ambient recording surfaces…

In 1993, I recorded an instrumental / ambient ‘album’, mastered it to DAT (remember those?) and forgot about it. It resurfaced within the last year. I commissioned my friend Zack Pangborn create cover art inspired by the music, and after a bit of remastering, I released it as a free download on Noisetrade. I used only one synthesizer: the GeneralMusic S2. There is also a little bit of a Speak ‘n Spell on song #2.